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Hey Self-Published Authors!

Allow me to introduce myself – My name is Tamara Rasheed (pronounced Ta-My-Ra).

I’m a busy, high achieving, single mom of 5 great kids, 4 sons and 1 daughter, based out of Detroit, Michigan. 💪🏼❤️

I was raised neglected, abused, and isolated from the world, until my parents opted out of parenting us completely when I was 12 years old by moving into a house across the street from us. I was denied my K-12 education, having to take over mothering my siblings, as I watched my traumatized, narcissistic mother struggle and refuse help because she wasn’t able to see past the trauma she grew up with.

I was a gifted child despite my circumstances and taught myself my basic education by the age of 10, and how to type 111 wpm at the age of 11. My mom had severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, and learning how to type gave me access to my mom’s college education, creating a way for me to become duel-enrolled in home study and my local community college at the age of 13, before I graduated high school at 14 years old.


With no guidance, no mentors, and no role models...

With no guidance, no mentors, and no role models, I ran away from home at 17 years old, the equivalent credits of being a junior in my bachelors degree program in education, to cultivate the value that I knew I had deep inside.

I left with an internet predator that stole my identity and raped me, abandoning me in a motel in a city I had never heard of. As I tried to repair the damage to my credit that was done, a fake driver’s license with my photo on it showed me a picture of my life in a way I had never been able to see before…

I thought, if someone could make a life for me that wasn’t real to make their life easier, imagine what I could do for myself! I had learned how to think differently and pull lessons from my life in the most unlikely of places – changing the inner story I told myself. I knew in that moment that I could have any life I dreamed of because my life was my own, and I was only limited by my own imagination, and not my circumstances. 💪🏼❤️

I learned in my 20s, as I struggled to care for my own children, that trauma is passed down genetically through your DNA to your children if you don’t seek healing, and I refused to allow that to happen to my kids like it happened to me.


Breaking Free | Tamara Rasheed
Better Than Credit Repair | Tamara Rasheed

Because of my willingness to prioritize how I love and care for myself...

I’ve gone from:

🤩 Being overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, C-PTSD, and fear of rejection, to healing without medication or therapy and building a positive outlook that lasts with a sense of awareness of self that provides peace of mind.

🤩 Going from unusable credit and being a victim of identity theft to creating two best selling books on personal credit development and helping people from across the nation to get approved, save thousands of dollars, and lower their interest rates.

🤩 Being without skills, credibility, and even feeling stuck in life, to becoming a publicist for self-published authors who are done writing without a step-by-step strategy, an 8X international best selling author in personal development, personal finance and children’s books, with almost 20 self-publishdd titles under my belt.

🤩 Losing jobs out of lack of support, getting degrees that felt useless, and being unsure about my career choices to creating an online coaching business that makes an impact in the lives of authors from around the world, allowing me to using my gifts and talents to help people improve their lives.

I believe that by creating a greater vision for my life, I was able to create the motivation to turn uncertain times into an unfair advantage.

I help self-published authors write & self-publish best selling books on demand with my step-by-step Raving Fan Formula in 60 days.💪🏼❤️

I’m looking forward to making friends and connecting with other authors. 🙏❤️

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Breaking Free | Tamara Rasheed

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