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Are you still using the old way of writing, self-publishing, and promoting your books?

If you're overwhelmed by the self-publishing process

If you write as soon as you get an idea, don’t really know much about your reader or audience while you write, and after you hit the self-publish button on Amazon, you’re overwhelmed by… cluelessness? How much do you price your book for? Should you do any promotions? For how long? Is social media the only way you can promote?

The First Book I Self-Published Was Not Pretty...

I passionately put my tri-fold brochure in everyone’s hand. Long before I had something to give someone, I had a strong belief in financial empowerment & financial wellness. That brochure from 2008 – 2013 was my mission and philosophy behind empowerment through personal credit – but…

No one wanted to read it! No matter how I redesigned my book cover, how many words I put in my subtitle, or if I increased from 54 pages, to 75, to 80 pages – no one wanted to buy it unless I told them about 1:1.

Does this problem sound familiar?

When I hit the self-publish button for the first time in 2013, I was relieved that I finally did it, and nervous. I was full of hope that I would get sales – and so was my marketing. I hoped people would read my book, and hoped people would be able to find me, and hoped they would buy… I needed a strategy instead of hope!

Self-publishing was easy enough to figure out, putting a book out into the world isn’t difficult for most authors, but… I couldn’t get any reviews! And I had so many questionsHow much should I price my book for? How do I market my book now that it’s launched? How do I find the people that could be my Raving Fans?

I learned too late that my marketing should have started before I wrote a single word!

Marketing starts during research by finding your audience of raving fans!

Are you using Psychographics or Demographics when getting to know your readers?

Are they excited about your book idea? Your outline? Your table of contents?

There was so much I still needed to know!

Everything Changed When I Stopped Playing Small

After my 3rd unsuccessful launch of Better Than Credit Repair, I knew I was ready to invest in my own skills. I hired a coach to walk me through the process from research, to writing, to self-publishing, to promotions for my launch, and learned how to leverage my momentum into results.

I was done trying to save a dollar and cut corners. I started thinking differently about what I wanted being an author to do for me, and I started thinking bigger. “What if I could become a best selling author?”

My vision to become a best selling author would help me to gain the credibility I was looking for in the marketplace. It would help me to promote myself and my businesses, to get my brand recognized and help me to gain momentum, increasing my readers. I could get more interviews with larger media networks, and speaking engagements willing to pay me to speak. 

I wanted to see the rewards at the end of the writing journey I was taking. I knew I didn’t want to waste the launch, the excitement, or the hard work I put in writing another book by trying to figure things out without a strategy – again.

If I was going to make a difference to my readers and gain raving fans, I needed to become the person I knew I was meant to be – for myself, for my children, for my loved ones, and for the people in the world that need my message.

Building Momentum From Author to Best Seller

Instead of greenlighting my own ideas, I started asking my readers what they wanted to see from me. This turned my readers into raving fans because I was giving them what solved their problems instead of giving them what I thought they wanted to read.

I also did a lot of research into the psychology of my reader. I gained marketing skills that answered the burning questions I had about how to get my books in front of readers as quickly as possible – making my books a magnet for purchases instead of chasing people to buy.

I made my book transformational by following an outline that teaches, that inspires, that entertains, and empowers my reader. Every book I write now plants a seed and teaches a message I am proud of.  Because of this, my readers proudly and automatically share, refer, and lend my books. Even reading electronic books makes money on Amazon – when your readers turn a certain amount of pages!

In May of 2015, I took a trip to a conference for work after my book launched. The trip was for 3 days. I became a best selling author with my first book – and it became #1! 

While I was in my hotel room, I received my first royalty payment by direct deposit. It was half the size of my check from work! I came home from my trip a changed person. 

I knew that my investment in myself had paid off and that I could act on my goal to be a best selling author of multiple books!

But would these techniques work on children’s books too? I decided to try something that others didn’t seem to know…

The Raving Fan Formula

By the time summer came, I had a formula for the success of my children’s book all worked out. I decided to launch my first one in the fall, and got to work.


I had my first book written so quickly, that I wrote a second book the same month! This wasn’t because of my typing skills – it was because of the strategy I used to quickly launch children’s books in a weekend – children’s books follow different rules, and I could write as many for a chosen age group as I wanted!
I launched them both in October and started writing the third, the momentum of the audience I was writing for carrying each book into best seller status. I launched the third for Thanksgiving, and launched my fourth book for Christmas. Because I applied what I now know is my Raving Fan Formula for infusing marketing into your book – pre-writing & self-publishing – so that I know my raving fans can buy them on demand – I self-published 5 best selling books that year, and another 3 the following year, which became my catalyst to become a literary publicist as well as a self-publisher for new authors.


I began a Done For You self-publishing service under my brand Legacy Best Sellers in 2016 that created many new best selling authors and first time authors. 

The Best Selling Author Accelerator 8 Week Group Coaching Program

Now, after personally self-publishing almost 20 books, with 8 international best sellers 

and having helped new authors become best selling authors for 6 years as a literary publicist

I put everything I know about marketing self-published books 

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